‘Below are a few comments from Always Stylish clients.’

Inspiring experience…

My recent 'restyle' package with Lisa was a truly cleansing and inspiring experience. My wardrobe is now full of clothes I am excited to wear and my eye is now honed for shopping the styles that suit me.
Lisa is an honest, knowledgeable, talented and very friendly stylist. I felt completely comfortable in her company. Thank you Lisa for a much needed overhaul. I will be booking a further shopping trip with you to improve my winter wardrobe!

R M Wellings, London

It was a great experience…

I was offered a wardrobe review and edit for my birthday and loved it! All Lisa's advice was great and helped me to understand what kind of clothes I wanted and how to find them. It was a great experience and I recommend it for anyone who want to experiment with style but don't know where to start

B Arquis, London

I couldn't recommend Lisa enough…

I knew what it was like to have a "personal stylist experience" and I'll be completely honest it didn't go that well. However, I didn't want to tar every stylist with the same brush and I'm happy I didn't - what a different experience. Lisa visited my house and we went through my wardrobe, which was essential in more ways than one. We got to know each other, had a giggle and the visit really helped me think about the shopping trip. A lot went to charity (we got ruthless) but I was left with some key pieces from my wardrobe (all of the items except for a couple of bits from the previous stylist were thrown out!). Some of the items left were those I was ready to give to charity, but Lisa showed me how they could be styled - total eye-opener. 

On the day of the shopping trip, I felt a bit anxious but as soon as we walked into the first shop - Zara - I needn't have been. I loved every single piece Lisa had found and it the same in every single shop we visited – Lisa had totally understood the look/style I wanted to achieve.
Lisa made to feel comfortable enough to say "no, I don't like that" – and it is really important you be honest. You have to love the item and feel comfortable in it but at the same time I had to remind myself on occasion why I was doing this – I wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone of jeans & hoodies and I had to trust Lisa (which I did) and make sure I was open to different items of clothing.

The day was really enjoyable; I learned a lot about what type of clothes suit me, as well as mixing and matching colours, we laughed & chatted - it was like going out shopping with a friend but one who is completely honest, understands what you want and what looks good on you. 

I couldn't wait to receive Lisa's style guide which I now call my bible. I use it and refer to it all the time. The trip with Lisa and her brilliant style guide has given me the confidence to try different things - the "I don't know what to wear or I've nothing to wear" question is a thing of the past. I know this time around I will wear everything in my wardrobe. I feel much more confident and really happy with my new style and why shouldn't I wear those gorgeous pair of high heel shoes for lunch! 

I couldn't recommend Lisa / the experience enough. Roll on Autumn/Winter.

L Simons, Chelmsford

The Session Has Transformed My Wardrobe…

I got Lisa's style advice as a 50th birthday present. Getting style advice as a birthday present could be taken the wrong way, like getting a groupon for nose surgery for Christmas. But it was actually brilliant. I'll confess Lisa did laugh at a few of my old clothes - especially the 1980s summer shirt with applique from New York. But hey, what's life if you can't joke with your clients a little! The truth sets you free.

She's frank, but tactful, making suggestions and explaining the reasons - and is happy to let it go if you're too fond of something deeply unstylish to throw it out. She has even worked out how to make those slightly awkward moments behind the changing room curtain a little less so; if you wonder why she's asking about your holiday this year, that's why.

The session has transformed my wardrobe and my sense of what's possible. Then I went out wearing a green jacket Lisa had recommended and one of my wife's best friends told me I looked handsome. Hey, it worked!

A.V, BBC, London

Fantastic Service…

Fantastic service perfectly tailored (excuse the pun!) to my needs and preferences. The pre-shopping meet (wardrobe edit) was invaluable for Lisa to be able to subsequently pick out clothes that i’d like. All the advice was pragmatic and within scope of the suggested budget. I feel more confident now in terms of what suits me and love the clothes that I’ve bought as a result of the service. 
Lisa was professional and very friendly. Well worth doing!

A Ford, London

For The First Time In My Life Shopping Was Fun…

“Clothes shopping has always been one of the most stressful activities for me, not having any ideas about how to create a consistent style, or how to assess whether anything I try on actually looks good on me. I called Lisa because I had decided that I need help in turning my fashion journey around and to get somebody professional to help me create a style for me.

From the first phone call, my interaction with Lisa was brilliant, she understood straight away what I wanted and what situation I found myself in. We had a 'wardrobe edit' visit where we went through my clothing items, and with a lot of insight and diplomatic skill Lisa convinced me to part with about one third of my items. Two days later we met for a shopping tour starting at London's Oxford street. And it was the first time in my life that fashion shopping was fun.

We went to the correct shops, a very high proportion of items fit on the first try and there was a very consistent plan and style emerging as the shopping tour went on. I happily let myself be convinced to try a few new directions while also having a lot of input myself into the choices. While we went shopping, Lisa who is also a designer also gave me quite a few insights into the fashion industry and how it works.

Overall, it was easily my best shopping experience ever, and with a comprehensive style guide I now have a clear idea, and guidance on how to wear my new wardrobe, with a lot more confidence. I would (and already have) highly recommend Lisa to all my friends, colleagues and family.”

Dr A Otto, London

Shopping For An Internship

“Thank you Lisa. Millie is very well set for her banking internship this summer thanks to you. We are especially loving the white jacket and Emily Maitlis is wearing gorgeous white jacket as well on Newsnight this evening. We know we are on trend!”

B Ngai, Canary Wharf

Personal Style Guide…

“As my style guide I have found that working with you has been extremely helpful and insightful. Your authenticity and desire to help shines through and your supportive, patient nature puts one at ease at once. In the the end the best compliment I can give or the best way I can show how grateful I am, is that I could think of no better person to go back to when I needed to redo my summer wardrobe.”

A T, CMO-Europe

Best Gift …

“ I was given the gift of Lisa’s expertise as a birthday present from my partner. What I first took to mean he hated how I dressed turned into the best gift I could’ve had.

Lisa spent 4 hours going through my, admittedly large, wardrobe and by the end of it I had three black sacks to get rid of and, much more importantly, a huge boost to my self confidence. I followed her advice, went shopping and, for the first time in a very long time, felt that I looked good.

While I still occasionally sit staring at my wardrobe, it is no longer with the cry of ‘I don’t know what to wear!’ but a far more pleasurable not knowing which of my outfits I want to wear today. Showing me how to put outfits together from the clothes I already had, and what things I needed to add to my wardrobe has meant that, thanks to Lisa, I now feel confident and happy with my clothes and in myself.”

L G, Woking

Excellent Style Knowledge…

“I had an amazing day with Lisa, right from the start she made me feel instantly at ease. It was clear she had excellent knowledge and knew what she was doing. She had taken the time to understand my current style (or lack of) and researched what I was looking for.

She knew exactly what shops to go to and had clearly planned ahead. I felt completely comfortable and felt she listened and I trusted her. She allowed me to try things I would never have picked before without taking me completely out of my comfort zone.

Overall this was a great experience and am delighted with not only my new wardrobe but the knowledge she also gave me. The day ran like clock work and would highly recommend Lisa to any of my friends."

I was given a wardrobe management and shopping experience with Lisa as a surprise 30th birthday gift and I can honestly say it was the most amazing present ever. From the moment Lisa turned up at my house I felt at ease and comfortable. My main aims were to sort clothes into work, social, everyday and holiday categories and to get an idea of what styles suited me. She knew exactly what looked great on me and what combinations of clothes worked well together.

The shopping day was brilliant! It felt as if I were shopping with a friend, but one who knew all the secrets of fashion. She picked several items that I wouldn't have even noticed or chosen myself but that looked and felt great! I trusted Lisa to pick outfits for me and she was very good at making sure I kept within my budget.

I can't stop telling my friends and family about my experience with Lisa and would highly recommend her."

D Hancock, Reading

I feel so well equipped…

“Thank you so much, LIsa, for being so wonderfully understanding, kind, non-judgmental, fun - I felt completely at home with you - you were the perfect person to have to do a wardrobe edit/personal shopping session with.

I just can't believe how many outfits I had without knowing it, in spite of more or less halving my wardrobe!! It has been really liberating and I can't thank you enough - worth every penny. I feel so well equipped now, and much smarter. ”

P Seidler, London

Lisa's fashion knowledge is incredible...

"I was in London for a week (I am a stylist/designer based in Sydney, Australia) and I decided to use a London based personal stylist to show me the best shopping. After researching personal stylists online, I liked that Lisa is both a fashion designer and a stylist so I went with her and I wasn't disappointed at all.

Lisa's fashion knowledge of all the designers and stores is incredible - ranging from high end to high street and she knew exactly where to take me. Lisa was very professional and very friendly at the same time. She was able to answer all the questions I had and I loved learning about her experience of both fashion design and her transition into styling.

I am going to add Lisa to my website for anyone based in Australia going to London because she is an excellent stylist and I would recommend her."

K O'Hara, Sydney

48 hours to find an outfit…

“Loved Lisa from the very first email. She not only gave me lots of online styling choices, but she explained in detail why I should go for one of her choices and that made a difference for me.

She was there when needed, a very quick response and brilliant support! Only had 48 hours to put together an outfit for a party in Italy, shop and feel happy about it. The end result gave me confidence and put a genuine smile on my face - thank you, Lisa!"

I Hirtan, London

Thinking about clothes in a different way…

"Thank you so much for my shopping experience with you yesterday, it was fun and informative! I am really pleased with all my clothes and especially my sparkly trousers. They are something that I would never have chosen for myself!

The whole experience of going through my wardrobe at home has given me a different way of thinking about my clothes and how I should shop in the future. I now have a wardrobe that works for me and going out in the evening/ day will now be exciting instead of 'oh dear what shall I wear?'

I am already thinking of next summer and asking you to visit and to go through my summer wardrobe!”

G Turner, Greater London

I got lots of compliments…

“I was struggling to find an outfit to wear for a friends wedding in the South of France and needed some help. I didn’t have very much time as, as usual I had left it to the last minute. A friend of mine told me about Lisa and after a chat on the phone, she emailed over a couple of pages of outfits and where to get them. They were great and I ordered 2 of the outfits online and took both with me. I would definetly use this service again as I got lots of compliments."

C Sutherland, Southampton

I've got my confidence back…

"I can honestly say that although Lisa couldn’t magic me down a couple of dress sizes, she has pointed my lost, cardigan-clad self in a whole new direction of alternative styles and colours. Lisa highlighted the ‘gaps’ in my wardrobe along with a list of suggested items and websites. It addressed the fact that I own loads of tops but barely have anything to wear with them. This explained why, despite having a wardrobe bursting with clothes, I ‘never had anything to wear’. She reintroduced me to the kimono a great substitution for the cardigan and I also discovered that pencil skirts and dresses actually made me look slimmer – I was truly shocked by this revelation.

The lessons I have learnt from Lisa will and already have given me my confidence back."

E Fraser, London

The style & colour review was relaxed, fun and inspiring…

"I learnt so much about what suits me and how to dress to get the best look for me! Shopping online and in store is so much easier - especially as I don't have lots of time with a busy work schedule and being a mum. I now feel empowered to narrow the selection of styles and colours down to styles that suit me. Lisa also gave some great tips on which retailers provide the best 'cut' for my shape and within my budget.

Thank you."

R Simmonds, London

Stuck in a skinny jean rut…

" Over the last few years I have got stuck in a rut and seem to wear the same thing all the time, so enlisted the services of Lisa for some style and fashion advice. First my colour analysis, Lisa shows you how your skin tone and eyes react to different colours and highlighted olours that suited me, advised on others that didn’t and suggested new colours for me to try.

The style and wardrobe consultation went through the shapes and styles that suited me best and in what seemed like no time at all she had reorganised my wardrobe. Despite filling several bags for the charity shop I now feel that I have more clothes.

Lisa followed this up by emailing me items which work with clothes I currently have. I am looking forward to the injection of colour and pattern which she has advised and I generally feel more confident about what suits me."

R Nubi, London

I am dreaming new colours and styles…

" When I booked Lisa I didn't quite know what to expect. Lisa started with colour, draping colours around my shoulders. Different colours affected my eyes and my lip shape - amazing!

Lisa showed me colours that went well together. In particular assertive and authoratative combinations, which are great for interviews (which I now need to do).

We then moved onto shape and style - this part was just fab and a great thing to do with the colour. I learnt lots about shapes and styles that worked for me, including jewellery and shoes. Afterwards I reeled everything off to my husband and haven't stopped going on about it since. I am dreaming colours and styles! I can't wait for Autumn to test out some new clothes.

All throughout Lisa put me at ease and I was so confident - as being a designer as well as a stylist she really knows her profession - that I took everything on board. A truly fabulous experience!"

G Goymer, London