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You are successful and great at what you do. Yet you are not sure your image shows off your full potential. But you don't have the time or know how to figure it out on your own. Well you are in the right place!


An experienced personal stylist can teach you everything about fashion, style and how to wear it. That is exactly what you have with me Lisa O'Shaughnessy a personal fashion stylist based in London. I have spent many years working in the fashion industry, as both a fashion designer and stylist. Designing and personal styling for a wide range of luxury to high street labels and private clients.

I combine my industry insight and experience, to offer a range of style coaching services. For men, women, celebrities and companies. Working personally with my clients to make sure they feel great in what they wear and also give them the tools they need to shop strategically for themselves in the future. I have my own personal style, but make sure to establish a unique look for all clients. Be it classic, contemporary or cutting edge.

Popular styling services are the wardrobe edit and personal shopping sessions, during which you learn about shape, colour and proportion. How to accessorise and pull together great outfits. You will be introduced to new labels and brands, either online or when out on personal shopping trips in London. Showing you a smarter, easier and stress free way to shop.

So whatever your personal styling requirements, my packages are sure to save you time and money. Making life that little bit easier. If you’re unsure what is right for you, get in touch for a free initial consultation, click on FAQ’s or call 07966244651.

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