Tips From A Personal Shopper

Always Stylish Tips For Successful Shopping!



Shopping even if it is not normally high on your list of priorities, the shopping bug inevitably finds us at some point. Whether it be for updating your wardrobe, finding that perfect dress, gliding through wedding season, or buying a gift, at some point most of us will be out braving the shops. To make your shopping life far less stressful and more successful, here are a few of my tips that I pass on to my personal styling clients.

Review & Edit Your Wardrobe

If you are looking to update your wardrobe or shop for new party outfits, start with going through your wardrobe to see what you already have. Look at everything including shoes, bags and accessories - if you want to wear a special necklace or pair of shoes, make sure you take them with you. Make this an opportunity to clear out your wardrobe of garments that no longer fit, are outdated or cannot be mended. There are plenty of websites where you can sell good quality clothing such as Ebay or Shopify.

Whilst you go along compile a list of the gaps you need to fill and prioritise with things you need to buy. Always set yourself a budget and make sure the lists fall within budget. If you need some help with this I offer a Wardrobe Edit service where I come to your house and do this for you.


Decide what you want to buy: daywear, workwear, something for an evening out or birthday gift? It is easier to narrow the field of what you want to purchase in one trip, than starting with just a vague idea. Look online beforehand so you have an idea of where you might find your ideal dress or present, make sure your size is in stock by phoning ahead and stay within budget by comparing prices.


Without fail I always advise my personal styling clients on the best time/day to start their personal shopping trips. It is generally calmer and less stressful to shop when the stores are quieter which is normally Monday – Thursday, the benefits of taking a day or half day off work far outweigh rushed, panicked evening or weekend shopping. If it isn’t possible to take time off work, start early. On a Saturday morning the shops aren’t busy until around 1pm, but by then you should be in full shopping swing and able to handle 1 or 2 hours of crazy crowds. 

Be Prepared

Give yourself a pre-shopping makeover, so you don’t have to imagine the overall look of your new outfit. This will also give you increased confidence when shopping in shops you might never normally venture into, or asking for help/advice. If shopping for a figure hugging party dress, wear your spanx or bring them with you. Ask the shop assistant for a pair of heels to try on, it beats simultaneously holding in your stomach and standing on tip toe! 


Be aware of the return policies. Check how many days you have to return purchases, as they vary from 14 to 28 days. Some stores though still don't offer a full refund and will only give a credit note. If you have paid by Paypal, some stores such as Uniqlo will only let you return online and not instore. Check before you buy.

If you still find the thought of shopping daunting, why not try the services of a personal shopper to either shop with you, or do it all for you. A professional personal shopper will ease the stress, save you money and work with you to get the most out of your shopping trip. 

Always Stylish

If you would like more information about any of my personal styling and personal shopping services please do get in touch .

Thank you for reading and I hope you have found this helpful.