Vacation Packing Tips For Men

Personal Shopping vacation outfit for men.

Personal Shopping vacation outfit for men.

Personal Styling For Men

Vacation Packing Tips

Whether you are visiting far flung destinations or opting for a staycation, getting the balance right of what and how much to pack can be a tricky process. Scroll down to read my packing and personal stylist 'hacks' to help you on your way.

Pack 2 days in advance

I have no problem packing for myself, but throw in packing for my daughter and out goes reason and in goes her whole wardrobe for those 'just in case' moments. The best preventative technique for this is to leave for 2 days, then revisit to gain perspective!

Think about what you want to wear

We all have a draw of ‘holiday clothes’, make it your last port of call and not your first. Instead think about where you are going and what you would actually like to wear. If you are going on a villa holiday with family and you have small children who get up early, it might be that you need nice loungewear and T-shirts for the dawn shift. Compile a concise shopping list if you don’t have all the right clothing - look online first, before embarking on a shopping trip.

A tried and tested personal styling formula is: for daytime is a hat, swimwear with shorts, a tee and flip flops for the beach and a smart casual shirt with chino shorts or trousers with canvas shoes for the evening. For ease pack four variations of those outfits, along with a travel bag that doubles as a beach bag.

Avoid the shoe trap

You have neatly packed your clothes into the suitcase, then proceed to add several pairs of shoes. Don’t do this without thinking of your end use first. Flip flops, leather sandals, canvas shoes and trainers will easily see you through a week. If an outfit doesn’t work with these shoes, then don’t take it on holiday.

If this all sounds a bit like hard work contact me for a 2 hour holiday wardrobe edit or online e-style your holiday wardrobe. If you would like more information, please do get in touch. 

Thank you for reading!