Autumn Personal Style For Men

Personal Styling Tips For Men This Autumn

How To Style Menswear For Autumn

Autumn can be a confusing time clothes wise for men. You are either too hot in a heavy coat or the shining sun lulls you into thinking its balmy summer day, but inevitably and certainly after 3pm you end up bloody freezing!  Instead of shivering in your summer clothes and boiling in your winter ones, or awkwardly styling the two together  - invest in some autumn pieces to seamlessly join the two together.

This doesn’t have to mean buying a whole new wardrobe exclusively for autumn. Some pieces, like jeans work all year round. But if you want to expand your personal style at this time of year, you need to own a few strategic key pieces. Enabling you to stylishly cope with whatever the Great British weather throws at you.

Here are 4 key categories to update your autumn wardrobe.

Waterproof Jacket

This is a must no matter what your style aesthetic. Rain is inevitable and umbrellas are easily lost. The ‘drowned rat’ look is one even David Beckham would struggle to pull off.  Look for a rain jacket that blends function with refined design; to elevate your style and stop you looking like you are about to climb the Matterhorn.

As always depending on how you style it, your rain coat can be worn in a more formal, casual or edgy way.


The overshirt or ‘shacket’ yes that is a combination of the words shirt and jacket  - many of my styling clients think I have made this term up. I can assure you I haven’t, so I now firmly stick to overshirt! 

I digress, as this the transitional staple you need to have in your wardrobe. An item of clothing that fuses the design aesthetic of a shirt with the warmth and comfort of a light jacket. The overshirt perfectly bridges the gap between summer and winter.  When it’s warm it’s a jacket and when the weather turns colder, it fits under your coat. 

Lightweight Knitwear

Currently it’s too warm to break out the chunky sweaters, so I would advise my personal styling clients to buy lighter gauge knitwear. Jumpers and cardigans in a merino wool, cotton-blend and cashmere are all worth considering.

If you are unsure what colours to wear prioritise versatile colours such as navy, grey, brown or beige, which will match with everything in your wardrobe. If wanting to add some colour choose from an autumnal palette of burgundy, dark green, olive or burnt orange 


If you only invest in one pair of boots this autumn, make it a pair of leather Chelsea boots. A hardworking boot that keeps you protected from the elements and can be either dressed up or down.  A sartorial style that sits just as comfortably with a suit, as it does with a more casual jeans lead outfit. Hardworking and can effortlessly adapt to any occasion.

Personal Styling Men

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